Process of planning and developing ideas before executing them, for a better understanding of the project.

Storytelling: From the core of ourselves we are storytellers, and as such, we love to create new worlds and ideas from scratch for our clients or for our own projects.

Story Consultant: Sometimes you have a great idea, but just don´t know how to develop it further, that´s when we enter, helping you to look for better ways to understand your own story and make it as big as it can be.

Script writing: Once you have a stablished idea you need to make a script out of it! And if you don´t understand how to make it, leave that to us.

Storyboard: Is a set of illustrations shown in sequence with the goal of serving as a guide to understand the story.

Animatic: Once you understand the story, is time to start thinking about the pacing of it.

Character Design: Is where the characters actually start receiving attitudes, roles and personality, before actually coming to life.

Background Design: Your characters need a place to be and here is where we create that world where they will exist.

Prop Design: For a world to be alive, you need props to feel like they belong there.

Color Script: As artists and creators, we understand the importance of having a great color palette to evoke emotions. 

Concept Art: Sometimes the owners of a property doesn´t understand how to transmit their ideas into visuals and sometimes they don´t even have a stablished idea, so the artists help them out to take those ideas into concepts.

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